mastaba (plural: mastabas)

  1. A rectangular structure with a flat top and slightly sloping sides, built during Ancient Egyptian times above tombs that were situated on flat land. Mastabas were made of wood, mud bricks, stone, or a combination of these materials. Some are solid structures, while others can contain one or more rooms, sometimes decorated with paintings or inscriptions.
  1. The pyramids at Giza are flanked by large cemetaries containing hundreds of mastabas.

7 letters in word "mastaba": A A A B M S T.

No anagrams for mastaba found in this word list.

Words found within mastaba:

aa aas ab aba abas abs am ama amas as at atma atmas ba baa baas bam bams bas bast basta bat bats ma maa maas mas masa mast mat mats sab sam sama samba sat sma st stab ta tab tabs tam tams tas tsamba